Scholarship Fund

The scholarship fund is designed to remove the barrier of cost for those that wish to participate in church sponsored events. It is available to all children, youth and adults that are wanting to attend camps, conferences and other events outside the church that have an extra cost.

New Life Fellowship
Scholarship Application

Helping the Local

Through the generosity of individuals, New Life Fellowship is able to offer scholarships to those with financial need. The amount of scholarships are limited and vary from year to year.

However, the heart of the church leadership is to work toward finding a way for every individual who desires to attend camps, training events, or conferences the opportunity to participate. The amounts of scholarship are limited, so please do not delay in completing your application.

To appropriately steward the money received from these donors, scholarships will only be awarded through the application process following the criteria listed below.

Policies & Guidelines

  • Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of: financial need, funds available, and participation in church fundraisers.
  • Only partial scholarships are awarded. Each parent/individual must financially invest in a portion of the fees, determined through the scholarship application process.
  • No scholarship will exceed 80% of the event fees.
  • Registration for events are separate from this application and should be completed through the ministry providing the event opportunity. A scholarship application does not guarantee or reserve enrollment for an individual.
  • Any scholarship amounts awarded will be applied to general participation fees. It does not include any purchases made at a camp store, spending money for extra activities, etc.
  • No scholarship awards will be made directly to an individual. Scholarship awards will be made by the church directly to the event, upon receipt of the parent/individual’s portion of the fees.

Application Instructions

  • Scholarship applications are available from the event’s ministry leader, the church office, or you can download the application using the link below.
  • Please complete a separate application for each family member for which you are requesting assistance.
  • Turn in completed scholarship applications to the event’s ministry leader or the church office prior to the application deadline. Deadlines vary depending on the event. Please confirm the application deadline with the ministry leader if you are uncertain.
  • Applications must be filled out completely to be considered.
  • Each application will be reviewed and considered by the appropriate New Life Staff.
  • Follow-up information or clarification may be requested based on the information submitted on the application.
  • Scholarship applicants will be notified via email. Please provide an accurate email address.

Download the Application